Mechanical design


Precision Control of Nanoparticle Monolayer Assembly: Optimizing Rate and Crystal Quality

Mostafa Bedewy, Jingjie Hu and A. John Hart
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Manufacturability and Viability of Different C-Gear Types: A Comparative Study

Hani A. Arafa, and Mostafa Bedewy
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Direct-Write Self-Assembly of 3D Colloidal Microstructures

Justin Beroz, Mostafa Bedewy, and A. John Hart
Hilton Head Workshop: A Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems Workshop, 2012

Compliant Microgripper with Parallel Straight-line Jaw Trajectory for Nanostructure Manipulation

Justin Beroz, Shorya Awtar, Mostafa Bedewy, Sameh Tawfick, and A. John Hart
26th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Precision Engineering (ASPE), 2011

Collective Mechanisms Limiting the Indefinite Growth of Carbon Nanotube Assemblies

Mostafa Bedewy, Eric R. Meshot, Erik S. Polsen, Sameh Tawfick and A. John Hart
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C-Gears in Rotorcraft Transmissions: a Novel Design Paradigm

Hani A. Arafa, and Mostafa Bedewy
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Quasi-Exact-Constraint Design of Wind Turbine Gearing

Hani A. Arafa, and Mostafa Bedewy
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) POWER Conference, 2010